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My Story

In order to be a bridge builder, you have to be prepared to be walked on by both sides. I’ve learned to first seek understanding and then leand with a listen as I begin to serve. For 2 years, this is the work I have done to launch this platform. 


I was born in Washington, DC as my father was completing his pro football career and my parents both completed law school. I was blessed to be surrounded by an amazing family of educators, attorneys, and business owners driven by the values of faith and hard work. I was also surrounded by achievement as many in my family and my ancestors were the first or among the first Black Americans in law, military, government, education, sports, and business. I’m even descended from a free African who fought in the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. My godfather, who I had the chance to work with for a few years, integrated college football in Texas and became the first Black executive at the Zale diamond company. He also happens to be enshrined in the Kansas City Chiefs ring of honor. Needless to say, I was raised by trailblazers and leaders.


In 1999 Rev. Jesse Jackson came and spoke at my college. He spoke of creating a multicultural tent for all Americans. He said that access to capital would be the true fight for equality in 21st century America. Rev. Jackson was a family friend. My late uncle Reginald F. Lewis was his friend and supporter during his Presidential campaigns in the 80s. My uncle Reg is often referred to as the first  Black billionaire. Having access to capital allowed him to change the world and impact my family and many others for generations to come. 

Reverend Jackson’s words and the life of my uncle continue to inspire and motivate me as I work to launch this platform in service to others. Equity Endowment is a community asset that I believe can be a bridge to opportunity for generations to come. Please join me in building this asset - a bridge to opportunity.


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